Xenical Generic (Orlistat)
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Xenical Generic (Orlistat)

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Generic Xenical makes you effectively lose weight
The active ingredient Orlistat can result in success when it comes to weight loss. Like the original pills, Generic Xenical also contain this ingredient. Taking these pills prevents fat absorption by the body so that you will notice a steady and sustainable weight loss even without following a specific diet.
Generic Xenical is not an appetite suppressant, but it does influence the digestion of dietary fats and supports smooth and healthy weight loss. According to medical studies of Xenical treatment, weight loss of more than 10% was reported.
If you want to lose weight successfully you should take one pill during meals or up to an hour after, with plenty of water. Also take note of medical information about the drug if you wish to order over-the-counter 120 mg Xenical.

Xenical Generic

Active substance

The Generic Xenical pills contain 120 mg.

Take one pill together with each main meal or 1 hour after. Do not exceed 3 pills per day. If a meal consists of no or only small amounts of fat, it’s ok to skip taking Xenical accordingly.
During treatment by Xenical you should take care to maintain a balanced, low calorie diet to avoid unpleasant – but not dangerous – side effects.

Orlistat directly influences digestion. Fat-digesting enzymes are inhibited, which allows for the disposal of excess, undigested dietary fat. Because of the reduced fat supply the body will lose weight effectively and sustainably.

In medical studies Xenical has proved to be very effective. Unfortunately there are preconditions under which you must not take treatment.

If the below mentioned conditions apply, completely avoid treatment:
- While Pregnant or nursing
- With hypersensitivity to Orlistat
- With chronic malabsorption syndrome
- With cholestasis

Side effects
Since Orlistat affects digestion, side effects of the gastro-intestinal tract cannot be entirely excluded.

The most common Generic Xenical side effects are:
- Steatorrhea
- Inconvenient bowel incontinence
- Increased defecation
- Urge to produce stool
- Flatulence
- Lack of fat-dissolving vitamins

Up to now no pharmacological interactions have been proven. However you should submit to doctor supervision if you are taking antidiabetics simultaneously. The same applies to treatments with anticoagulant substances. Orlistat may decrease the blood level of the immunosuppressive Cyclosporine so that you should have this value monitored as well.
It is not recommended to take an appetite suppressant at the same time.

Special Notes
With the active ingredient Orlistat, the gap between desirable effects and undesirable Generic side effects is very narrow. Namely, those taking the drug desire to lose excess fat in undigested form, but this may be very inconvenient with larger amounts of fat. However, if you are able to reduce your fat intake, the side effects may be moderate to minimal.')
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