Cialis generic without prescription
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Cialis generic without prescription

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Why you may as well buy Generic Cialis without hesitation

You will not sacrifice on quality if you want to order Generic Cialis. Generic products, like the original ones, contain the same active ingredient – the only difference is their names.
With Generic Cialis, this means you will benefit from a powerful erection with just one pill. Indeed you will experience a stronger erection, more sexual endurance and an entirely fulfilled sex life without worries.
With the ingredient Tadalafil, Generic Cialis’ effectiveness is not only reliable, but also especially long-lasting. This makes Cialis one of the most popular potency medications for an extensive weekend of pleasure.

Cialis Generic

Active ingredient

The highest available dosage for Generic Cialis is 20mg. If a lower dose is sufficient for you, the pills may be split without problems.

Tadalafil provides a very long duration of effectiveness of up to 36 hours. But take one pill at least 30 minutes prior to the time when an erection is desired.

Generic Cialis works in a way that is identical to the original products. With the inhibition of the body´s enzyme PDE-5, sexual stimulation can lead to a strong erection being achieved. Due to the effectiveness of the drug, subsequent multiple erections may take place. Frequent orgasms will not affect the erection. Because of the active substance Taladafil, which has an especially long half-life, an enhanced potency is possible for up to 3 days.

These circumstances also do not differ from the respective original.

Avoid treatment of Generic Cialis if you:
- take other potency pills already
- are treated by drugs contraindicated (please note the interactions)
- have severe liver, kidney or cardiovascular conditions
- have low blood pressure
- have known priapism conditions
- are younger than 18.

Side effects
Depending on an individual’s sensitivity, taking drugs may lead to side effects that don’t necessarily occur every time.

Frequent side effects of Generic Cialis:
- Pain in areas of the head, muscles and back
- Facial redness and heat sensations
- Vertigo
- Digestive disorders
- Nasal congestion
- Eye infections

Drugs containing nitrates as well as N.O.-donors, which also include sexual performance enhancing "Poppers," should not be taken simultaneously with Generic Cialis. Disregarding this may lead to dramatic and, in the worst case, life-threatening interactions.

Special Notes
In some reports on patients´ experiences, one can read that many people take Cialis for a long time and use it as an additional potency medication. Even if this combination worked well in some cases, it is urgently recommended to avoid such practices. If you choose to combine medications, you increase the risk for side effects related to generic Cialis, but not your sexual performance.

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