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Lovegra or Womenra is the female Viagra
While the female world has for many years already benefitted from the highly male enhancement provided by Viagra, for some time now Lovegra or Womenra has been available as well. It’s an aid for women to achieve a more satisfying and better sex live.
Like Viagra, Lovegra contains the same active ingredient and when used by women it creates a tremendous increase in circulation of the genitals as well. The sensations felt in the vaginal area are extremely enhanced by Lovegra and may significantly intensify orgasms. Some women suffering from orgasm dysfunctions may enjoy sex to the fullest again with Lovergra or Womenra. Lovegra also allows multiple orgasms.
Lovegra and Womenra are identical products containing Sildenafil Citrate as an active ingredient.

Lovegra - Women's Viagra

Medical Information about Lovegra - Viagra for women:

What is Viagra for man, is Lovegra for women because the ‘weaker sex’ occasionally has problems achieving orgasm.
Lovegra allows you to increase your natural sexual desire and experience intercourse more intensively than ever, with greater satisfaction and fulfillment. The slightest touch will arouse you and give you a real sexual urge. Just thinking of enjoying sexual pleasure will push you to a level of ecstasy that even a long-awaited orgasm can not keep waiting! Lovegra allows you to enjoy even multiple orgasms.
Active ingredient
Sildenafil Citrate
Lovegra is available in dosages of 100 mg.
You must not exceed this maximum acceptable daily intake of 100 mg. For a lower dosage the pill may be halved or quartered.
Take one Lovegra tablet about 30 to 45 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Scientific studies found that the active ingredient Sildenafil, which enhances male potency, can show results in females as well. By the inhibition of the enzyme PDE-5, muscle relaxation in the urogenital tract and a greatly increased perfusion is achieved. With males this leads to an erection, and with females who engage in sexual intercourse it causes a substantially intensified sensation leading to very strong orgasms. However, without sexual stimulation there is no effect for women.
Contraindications are preconditions which lead, together with a certain active ingredient, to guaranteed complications. Always take special note of these precautions.
Do not take Lovegra with:

- Pregnancy or nursing
- Severe cardiovascular diseases
- Low blood pressure
- Disease of the retina
- Serious liver function disorders or gastrointestinal diseases
- An age below 18 years.

Side effects
Women do not have to fear permanent erections, but Lovegra may have side effects.
The most common Lovegra side effects are:

- Headache
- Nasal congestion
- Vision disorders (with bluish fogginess)
- Reddened skin, in particular in the facial area along with heat sensations (flush)
- Heartburn, feeling full, stomachache, nausea and vomitting

Under no circumstances should you take Lovegra while undergoing treatment with medications containing nitrates or N.O.-donors.
Fatty diets may decrease the effect of the drug, and grapefruit products may increase the risk of side effects when taking Lovegra.
Special Notes
After taking the drug, hypersensitivity or an allergy may lead to special, serious reactions relatively quickly. Even if these cases are extremely rare, you must see your doctor immediately.

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